London 073

The packet is returned from Mother,
Such a rejection being delivered by this postman,
it's too cruel to me!


kristin said...

hello Gwen,
i was reading your blog and i am quiet impressed of your entries. if you wanna share the pain visit our blog at http://creativeinlondon.blogspot.com/
i am kristin and my teampartner is val and we had similar stories so far...
maybe we can go for a coffee together, let us know
warm regards, kris

beeker said...

I think my friend Gemma The Headhunter has been in touch. I used to work with her before I became a planner, and can testify that she's very, very good (and nice). She should be able to help.
Truly love your stuff. And know for certain that you should hang in there and keep going until your safely in your creative home.

gwen said...

Hi Kristin, yeah, sounds good! Good luck to you!

Hi Beeker, right, We'll meet soon. Thanks a lot!