London 072


Actually, I heard someone knocking on the door
when i was sleeping, I just can't be bothered.
Together with the 'fuck' with disappointment that
I heard a few second before the big boom...I guess....

Crazy postman! He must have thrown the packet
from the ground floor through the window
into my room which is on the first floor!!!

Firstly, didn't he need me to sign to confirm the delivery?

Secondly, there are four people living in this four rooms
shared house, how did he know that this is my room?

Thirdly, what if my bed is beside the window?
Such a big packet can kill me!


onewomanrunning said...

I love the way you tell a story, your blog is great. Keep going, I hope you get a job soon, but don't stop posting!

gwen said...

Thanks! No worries, with all the support and encouragement, I'll work even harder and draw more!

BiBi said...

This one makes me laugh!!! You're so funny! Keep up the good work =)