London 417

They seem excited, but I'm the most excited of all!

London 416

London 415

Keith called me the next morning as if he knew I drew them.
I organized and sent them the drawings immediately after the phone call.

Rabbit: Keith never said he wanted to see your drawings!

London 414

I was called to see different people in W+K office everyday while I was in amsterdam.
All of them were very nice. I like them a lot!
One night back to London, I felt like drawing.
At the end, I stayed up all night finishing
"My Journey to W+K Amsterdam".

London 413

Wow! I can't wait, though on the phone only.

London 412


London 411

Someone finds me useful eventually!

London 410

I get Lionel's email immediately after the call.
He has attached the picture he used to say a little something
about himself when he first joined AKQA.
Sweet! Although this is just a long-distance call,
I feel closer with him than with many people I've met in real.

London 409

Long-distance phone call, London, San Francisco ...
it sounds to be something cool;
however, the real picture is messy hair, pajamas and bare feet.

London 408

Agency: AKQA San Francisco