London 289

Seeing Dr. Ting, I suddenly understand that the world
is so big that ridiculous things happen everyday everywhere.
What i've experienced recently is no big deal.
Believe it or not, Dr. Ting is able to help me to
"soothes and relaxes emotional aches, pains and tension".

London 288

Dr. Ting: When a person has to use another hand to
clean up after a poo, she must be suffering great pain
in her right hand! I believe in you now.

It costed me 35 pounds!
At the end, it's this gel I bought from Boots (3 pounds only)
made my hand feels better. It does "soothes and relaxes muscular
aches, pains and tension" as it is said on it.

London 287

Dr. Ting in China town.
Dr. Ting: Hope you don't mind if I ask you a very personal question.
ok! You said your right hand is in pain, does it mean that
you couldn't clean up after you've done a poo?
Gwen: What? I have two hands!

London 286

It has been a while since I wanted to cry.
I'm in floods of tears finally.

London 285


London 283

Extra: It's frostbite, not flea bite!
Frostbite, it happens when the body is exposed to cold or
not moving for long periods...

Growing up in Hong Kong where climate is subtropical.

London 284

Aching + itching!
I'm worried about my hand.
I'm worried that I couldn't draw anymore.
I need to see a doctor.
I wish there were a doctor who could also tell me what's next in life!

London 282

I beg you to chase away the fleas as well as all the bad luck from me!

London 281

Who said home is the safest place in the world?
Bad luck comes to visit me!
I feel itchy all over. Sleeping at different places,
even inside a sleeping bag, couldn't help.
I find bites on my swelling and red toes, Fleas! Help!!


London 280

These two scripts are the results of all our hard work.
Tom and Mark, the remaining parts of this experiment
all depend on you!

London 279

The directors are sharing their visual thoughts on the two scripts selected.

London 278

I feel ashamed at the same time...
It's too rude and irresponsible to leave without saying goodbye!

Was it a problem with communication, cultural difference or my pride?
I'm like a silly little kid who gets hurt.
Though she's in pain, she just covers the wound,
not mentioning to tell others, she even doesn't dare to look at it.

London 277

Both Sophie and Michael have updated me which two X'mas cards
and TV scripts that the client has chosen to produce.
Michael has also invited me to join the meeting with the directors
and a Yakult X'mas lunch which will be held at his house.

It's so cold outside, they have made me feel so warm!

London 276

Not forgetting my origin, the first thing to do is to
share the link with people in Hong Kong.

>Dai Lo B ( Lee Chun Chung ) was the creative director
in my first job at Grey.
>Sammy Law was the creative director in my second job at Ogilvy.
gwen: I think our work isn't good enough!
sammy: You little trouble maker!

+ From these two emails, you can see English standard isn't important to be successful in advertising field in Hong Kong.

London 275

Building a blog.


London 274

like this?

London 273

I get a cold as a result of standing in the cold for the whole night.
I'm thinking about Michael as I'm drawing him. Let me text him!
oh, I regret not having called him that night!
I shouldn't be shy! It's a good chance to go to see how's his house like,

London 272

I always thought Hackney is fun to live as there are different kinds
of weird people. It's not fun now. I'm so scared!

London 270

A friend left my key inside the house after staying overnight.
When I returned at 12:00, I couldn't get into the house.

London 271

Housemates are all out.
The phone card is running out of credits.
I haven't got enough clothing, i feel so cold!

London 269

It was supposed to be the last treatment.
My gum didn't stop bleeding in the dental hygiene.
The hygienist suggested to cut the gum in order to
have a detailed check on the teeth roots. It sounds so scary!
It seems to be never-ending...


London 268

London 267

When things aren't going the way we expected,
only drawing makes me feel real and comfortable!

London 266

I'm back suddenly.
It's like a dream.

London 265

I went to work suddenly.

London 264

It seemed to be a black mark added in such a perfect adventure.
It's a pity, It caused me heartache.

London 263

From sending my work, getting reply, showing my book,
receiving the call to start and working on Yakult project,
the whole process was full of surprises and amazing!
I got new perspectives to advertising and new impression on people working at agencies. I was touched by so many brilliant, humble and passionate people in this office.

London 261

London 262

Sigh... Michael hasn't checked email.
I told him with a shiver that I wanted to go.
Michael seemed to be confused, he nodded and mumbled
" Drawing the story is good..."

London 260

They may think I want to stay.
Were they worried to upset me if they tell me to leave directly?
I felt wronged!
I decided to write Michael an email.
I told him I'd like to stay home to start drawing my story.
I'd be more than happy to come back anytime when they need help.
I thanked him for offering me this chance to be here.
This made me so happy already! I told him everything honestly,
except what happened today.
I felt wronged, the feeling got even stronger!!

London 259


London 258

What do all these mean?
Can someone please tell me?
I feel so bad!

London 257

When I passed by the finance department with my lunch,
someone I've never met came to talked to me.

* ( I don't even know who you are.)

London 256

Reading newspaper?
I thought he took the files to prepare artwork
for the Yakult christmas cards. He doesn't.

London 255

Someone from studio came to copy the files
that I've done to server this morning.
Why did he take the whole folder instead of the final file?

London 254

Waiting for research result and feedback on
the christmas card design from client,
I've got nothing to do in the office.
To be honest, I'd prefer to stay home to
start drawing my story in advertising industry in London.

London 253

Opportunity cost is the first concept I learnt about Economics.
The lecturer illustrated this by analogy with
"You'll be too full to eat abalone congee (delicacy)
after eating a pineapple bun (cheap food)."


This story is to be continued.
I'm not going to put any new drawings here until ...
Thank you so much for being with me sharing my experiences.
I'm not alone, I know.

This is a song by Cheer Chan. Hope you like it.

Love the time being lonely,
shouldn’t like it too much though.
No matter whether I’m in tube stations or art galleries,
loneliness is like sleep feeding me.

While sinking by the wayside,
I need music to warm myself.
Love the time being lonely,
shouldn’t like it too much though.


London 252

Penny boxes the dummies for client.
My little ones, take care! Grow into real lovely Christmas cards!

London 251

Although this is just a little christmas card design job,
I'm nervous to present the idea to clients.
Sophie, Ian, Simon, Penny... help!


London 250

I believe that everyone is given certain talent.
Some may find a balance to fit in the society while
some may devote all his life to push the gift given.

London 249

The concept of " to be an all-rounded creative who can
handle all kinds of brands and styles!" has been instilled
into me since I've joined this industry.

I've been putting all my effort and time on
learning and overcoming what I'm not good at.
No matter how hard you worked, people kept pointing out your weaknesses.
Gradually, even yourself forget about what you like and what you are good at.

London 248

I understand something now!!

London 247

(in a wishper)
Rabbit: Westerner's polite remarks!
Gwen: I trust him!


London 246

Have to go!
Goodbye Michael!

London 244

London 245

1:0! He wins!


London 243

*The phrase of the day


London 241

To leave is just a matter of time.
All I want to know is what Michael thinks of me.

London 242

These few words mean more than enough to me.

London 240