London 060

Juan is the creative director who did Sony Bravia
'bouncy balls' commercial. I really want to tell him
that LOOK ALIKE tv commercial from a SIMILAR product
by another brand from Asia was the CREATION done
by a creative director who comes from England
(and looks exactly like Homer Simpsons).
Such a COINCIDENCE is nothing to do with us (Asians)

I search this from internet. Someone has disclosed the sin.here

London 059

Then I spent certain time to know more about those big names,
and to find out the ways to contact them.
I still prefer to send emails.
Only one of them has replied me at the end, it's from Fallon!

London 058

I become more eager to see how they work in advertising agencies
here in London. It seems that the names in the list are quite important!
As what that nosy man I saw in Tesco said,
I really need energy to keep going.

London 057


London 056

They advised me not to try those big companies,
those we call 4As in Hong Kong,
those where I've always been working at.
I can imagine that they are more or less the same everywhere.
It's also so easy to see crap campaigns when you are watching tv,
reading newspaper or going into the street here.
However, I'm just curious.
No matter it's good or not, it's an experience to me.

I'm meeting kind people again.
I really appreciate their honest opinion.
But I feel even more uneasy now... 'UNUSUAL'...

It's not bad to know how others see you,
to make a self-examination then.
You'd end up being the one knowing yourself most!!

London 055

I think to myself: You're joking!
Your yellow pencils are taller than me when putting together.

London 054

London 053

They said they have never seen such 'unusual' work.
Again, they thought my personal projects are much
stronger than the advertising portfolio.
The problem is that I'm looking for job in advertising.
After a lot of thought and discussion,
they work out a list of names of people who may be interested to see me.

London 052

Skinhead twins?
They seem to enjoy reading my new story so much.
It makes them laugh, though they are in Chinese without English translation yet. I'm ignored. I just stand there all the while as I'm given no seats.

London 051

Pilgrimage 4

London 050

What's more amazing is...
I'm stunned when I see the title from Sarah's reply email the next day.
I take out the leaflet of D&AD congress.
oh, no, this guy was one of the speakers of that president lecture
I went last time, the H of BBH, one of the founders!!!!!!!!

London 049

I'm so nervous. I've got a reply from most people's dream company - BBH. 'Gwen, thanks for sending us your work.
At the moment we don't have any vacancies.'
I think it's another email showing rejection and wishing you good luck.

London 048

This Adam who is going to a factory tour seems to be quite friendly!
We? Will I meet Eve too?

London 047

House hunting and moving have kept me busy for almost a month.
After going to the talks organized by D&AD,
I feel like showing my book to more creative directors now.
I hear from someone again after sending out some more emails...

London 046

A pair of senior creatives replace Tony McTear as the speakers.
When they ask how many people are looking for job,
everyone there raises their hands. Wah! competitors?

London 045

Thick skinned + my eyes are telling 'I AM SINCERE',


London 044

It's too dangerous to stay home anymore.
I stay with different friends during this period of time.
But I keep making nightmares, poor me!


London 043

woo woo...
He even asked me to think about the pay, but the door is closed now.
I can't go home either as there is a mad dog (the landlord) barking.

London 042

I get this email one week after meeting up with Gerry.

London 041

I'm pissed off! I even feel a fire burning inside my body.
I really want to fight back.
However, I'm worried about my safety.
Otherwise, I'm sure my words can be 10 times more mean than his.

London 040

He stands outside my room and keeps shouting at me
for more than half an hour.
He criticizes and verbally attacks me.

London 039

This job hunting is forced to stop temporarily here.
My crazy landlord poses serious treat to me.
I'm busy going house hunting and moving.
The following pictures are from another story about
my experience of living in London.

London 038

His 'Good!' 'Good!' 'Good!' bring me much encouragement
while his 'What do you want to be?' makes me feel uneasy.
Should I go on this way? (Heart-searching)

London 037

- It seems that he quite likes my work.
One of their art directors is leaving for 3 months,
that's why he is looking for someone to work on a website
together with the copywriter.

- Website? I receive many complaints about the problems
with links in my homepage.
I don't know much about the technical stuff.
My face betrays my true worry.
He explains that he would expect to try something else
if I'm chosen, but he hasn't decided on the arrangement yet.

- He should be a liberal leader as he allows someone to
leave the company for 3 months. I did leave for 3 months before too.
I travelled across Russia on the trans-siberian railway.

London 036

Ha? I'm caught unaware again.

London 035

London 034

He's a Santa Claus look-alike.
He's as tender-hearted as Santa Claus.
He keeps saying 'good' when looking at my work,
he even says 'You are talented!'
wow...this makes me so happy!

London 033

Pilgrimage 3


London 032

Instead of asking such a stupid question,
I should make better use of this chance.
However, I really wanted to know that as
I've got the feeling of affinity.
Bike? my Big Brother B ( Name of a creative director in
Hong Kong, I was in his team) drives Posche.
At the end, Michael asked whether I'd be interested in
an interesting project for Yakult in August.
Sure! Yakult, I grow up with it. Even now, I like to punch
a very small hole in the foil lid with a toothpick,
suck Yakult slowly while watching TV on the sofa.
And what's more, I really like this grassroot creative director.

London 031

Chit-chat between neighbours

London 030

Ha? ... I'm caught unaware by his direct word.
To be honest, I have no idea on what's next.
Even just to show my book and get some advice make me happy already.

London 029

He likes my personal work where the advertising portfolio is
too commercial or too 'advertising' to him.
woo... all the effort to insist working on my own creation
is worth it! It makes me feel a strong emotion.
He suddenly asks...

London 028

He tells me that he lives very near to me
when we are going down. What a coincidence!
Then he makes tea, so friendly!
There are kitchen, booths, a pool table, a foosball table,
rooms with layouts covering the walls,
I don't know how to call this place.

London 027

There was no water supply to wash hand in that toilet.
I see Michael finally, he is younger than I expected.
He says sorry (for being late), shaking my hand and
then says 'Shall we go down?'

London 026

I arrive too early again.
Shit in the toilet in a cafe nearby.
Nonsense! The hook is so high (or am I too short?).
Holding the heavy bag, I need to keep the pose to get it done.
It's so dirty, as scary as the one in Trainspotting, to sit on it.

London 025

Oh! I always go to that market (a place for trendy people)
over the road on sundays but I haven't realized
that their office is here.

London 024

Pilgrimage 2

London 023

I get this email the next day.
There are two other recipients.
Wah! End of July, it's just May now!


London 022

Having waited for another 30 minutes,
I'm told that Steve is out for an urgent meeting.
The receptionist gives me a memo with the
mobile numbers of Steve and his PA,
suggests me to call and arrange another time.
She keeps saying sorry.

London 021

I left home 2 hours before the meeting time to locate the office.
I have breakfast in a cafe nearby,
make the last effort to practise how to present my work.

London 020

Travelling over a far distance,
from Hong Kong to London,
bringing all the work that I've done in my life along,
moving forward step by step...
it was so far-fetched, it can be so close now.

London 019

Pilgrimage 1

London 018

Two of the founders of BBH are interviewed.
They just show those tv commercials
which can be found from their website.
Being asked what kind of work they don't do,
the H from BBH answered,
'...those I don't want my son to see, such as cigarette.'
I'm impressed.

London 017

I find it difficult to arrange the time with the PAs on the phone.
Without the aid of gesture and facial expression,
it's hard to make numbers, dates and times clear.


London 016

Poor education system.
I find that the english I learnt is too formal,
it sounds weird in emails.

London 015

I have to translate the whole portfolio before sending.
Shit! I regret being too excited in front of him.
I need the help of a native english speaker.
I work over night at the end.

London 014

Show off to landlord!
I think to myself, boring? see, those who reply me are all VIPs!!

London 013

London 012