London 322

Everyone is supposed to be cooking different things.
Michael is responsible for the main course.
Obviously, the fatigued potato masher has sent “help!" eye contact
to the wrong target audience!

London 321

London 320

The team reaches Michael’s music room successful!
We are so excited to touch things like kids.

London 319

Without permit, the Yakult Exploration Team climbs up to
the second and the third floor to make an exploration of the house!
(Team members: Simon, Ian, Sophie Dollar, Sophie Bodoh and Gwen)

London 318

I do my thing – looking around as usual
while everyone is busy cooking.
I see layouts on the wall.
I see post-it on the layouts.
I see occupational disease in Michael.

London 317

Oh, it’s so close to my previous house.

London 316

“ I’m going to Michael’s place for the Yakult Christmas Lunch.”

London 315

Luckily, there is a break from the Christmas holidays to calm me down.


London 314

I’m shocked by the power of internet!

London 312

London 313

I got emails from over the world.
Some people helped me to find a job,
some people shared their own stories with me,
some people sent some encouraging words…

London 309

London 310

rabbit: haha…it’s Chinese!
gwen: He is a big name!

London 311

London 308

London 307

Ian sent me an email the next morning.
When you are a visitor, you couldn’t take things for granted.
Kindness from others is an added bonus,
I really appreciate and cherish it!


London 306

Ian and I went to Brick Lane to have curry. Ian's treat.
He suggested me to pay next time when I get a job.

The finished Yakult X'mas cards are so beautiful!!

London 304

London 305

Rabbit: People are looking at you.
gwen: It all happened so suddenly. I'm nervous.

London 303

London 302

London 301

I got this email from Simon the next morning.


London 300

Scam ads work in the other way;
People first make something different(just for being different)as a SOLUTION, then they find a PROBLEM to fit into the SOLUTION.

I fail to understand the logic behind.
I couldn't accept this on moral grounds either.

London 299

Our job is to use creativity to solve problems together with clients.

London 298

London 297

It's not fair! I decided to email this Simon!

London 296

I read this from a blog by Simon who is a creative at BBH.

London 295

Friends, three is good enough.
Coke, crisp and Six Feet Under!


London 293

London 294

I feel like a beggar.
What am i doing here in London?

London 291

Tony Wong is the one I respect and trust most among creatives in Hong Kong.

London 292

London 290