London 246

Have to go!
Goodbye Michael!

London 244

London 245

1:0! He wins!


London 243

*The phrase of the day


London 241

To leave is just a matter of time.
All I want to know is what Michael thinks of me.

London 242

These few words mean more than enough to me.

London 240

London 239

I immersed myself in the Yakult christmas world.
It gets dark by the time I leave office.
Someone is calling me from behind...

London 238


London 237

Even he can't help saying ...

Michael suggested me to think about how to
make those stickers to make sure it works.
This involves artwork, I'll try.

London 236

Review - Yakult Christmas Book

They like the Yakult Christmas tree decorations that I design.

London 235

Everytime when I use Illustrator,
I totally understand what is
'One's strength doesn't match one's ambitions'.
I feel that my hands aren't listening to me.

However, nothing can stop me from doing what I like most - to make book!

London 234

When I was at nursery school,
my teacher taught us to use empty Yakult bottles,
mung beans and colour paper to create 'art piece' in art lesson.
This 'art piece' became an instrument in music lesson.
I think Miss law ( I still remember her surname) was really creative!


London 233

When I was working for creative directors who just make judgement,
I felt angry that they didn't make much of a contribution,
especially when the workload was heavy.

When I was working for creative directors who do everything by themselves,
I felt useless and lost my self-esteem.

rabbit "Hard to please!"

London 232

(to create or to direct?)

Michael usually let us explore and work,
he gives comments and directions in review meetings.
Sometimes he would suggest some of his ideas casually,
anyone who are interested can execute or further develop those ideas.
I like to work for him!


London 231


London 230

If it's so easy to be through, Michael won't be Michael! W+K won't be W+K!


London 229

I've got some nice ideas eventually!!!

London 228

Just as expected, design job won't be a difficulty to Ian.
I've always been working at agencies, most of my 'designs'
are those so-called clever but impractical.
I've better to hide them!


London 227

Because of Yakult ( should be W+K ),
I discover that graphics can be quite lovely.

We are afraid to learn new stuff as we get older.
I don't like to feel old.
I have to work harder to overcome the changes in
languages ( from Chinese to English) and
softwares ( from Freehand to Illustrator ).

London 226

Waiting for research result, I ask Ian whether
there is any other job that I could help.
There is a Yakult Christmas card design job.
Ian tells me that he has done at least 100 Christmas cards so far in his career.

London 225

This guy's leg has gone numb as he has been squatting
for too long to read the pictures at the bottom.
After some exercises to stretch the leg muscles,
he comes back to finish the whole story.

London 224

I still think westerners are too generous to praise by words.
I'm truly touched with real actions,
say when someone is willing to pay for my work,
with an encouraging look , I feel a strong emotion!