London 085

I feel a character in video games.
Not sure what tasks to be given next.
Not sure what will happen and who will come next.
All I need is to follow the instructions on screen. I'm so excited!

London 084

When I'm waiting for the third tall person,
there is a notice popping up on the screen.

London 083

The second one is PA Louise,
she comes to show me how the email system works.
Extremely tall and beautiful!

London 082

The first person I've met is the art director sitting next to me.
Extremely tall, he looks as if he can kill people.

London 081

Tour guide Sophie shows me round the office after
picking me up at the reception.
The first point is the kitchen in the basement. precisely,
the shelf with different kinds of spreads and bread.
She brings me here before letting me put down my bag somewhere.
it must be very important! Are they manna for creativity?

London 080

A tour of W+K starts here. ( Highlight : Culture Shock )


TAG - about me 5

I always don't touch in with Oyster card unless I see a ticket officer getting onto the bus.

TAG - about me 4

I like reality TV shows. Apprentice, Big Brother, Super Nanny, Property Ladder...

TAG - about me 3

I don't enjoy Turkish Bath.

TAG - about me 2

I use Deep Hydrating Mask from Neutrogena.

TAG - about me 1

I farted in front of Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army in Xian in 2002.

(I'm tagged by onewomanrunning , so I have to tell five things that you don't know about me. Here you are!)


London 079

He asks whether I'm interested in a project for Yakult,
see whether I can make something new, for two or three weeks.
We agree on the pay.
Then he suggests me to go at 9:00am the next morning.

Chinese like to internalize our emotions more.
It's not easy for us to say this out.
But I screw up my courage and tell him how I feel.

London 078

The next day, at around 3pm, I get a phone call when I'm waiting for
a friend in Oxford Circus.
It's like regards from a caring old friend which I need it badly on the
cool street in London. ( though we've met once only )

London 077

They've just won two pitches. They may need more people.
I feel the need to email Michael as a follow-up.

London 076

I long for good news from Michael, the first creative director I saw.
It's mid August now, where is the Yakult project he mentioned?
I find this from the blog of Wieden + Kennedy
when I surf the internet in mid-night as my usual habit.

London 075

motto: When you don't know what to do, just do nothing!

I need a break. Then I start a lifestyle like those
who have migrated to Canada after retirement.
I do nothing but watching 'The Greed of Men'
(old Hong Kong tv series) while drinking coke and eating crisp all day.

London 074

caption: Self-accusation, self-pity, self-encouragement

It led to a period of gloomy introspection.
I tried hard to find out what I've done wrong.
However, I can't stand it any longer.
I feel that I'm going insane!


London 073

The packet is returned from Mother,
Such a rejection being delivered by this postman,
it's too cruel to me!

London 072


Actually, I heard someone knocking on the door
when i was sleeping, I just can't be bothered.
Together with the 'fuck' with disappointment that
I heard a few second before the big boom...I guess....

Crazy postman! He must have thrown the packet
from the ground floor through the window
into my room which is on the first floor!!!

Firstly, didn't he need me to sign to confirm the delivery?

Secondly, there are four people living in this four rooms
shared house, how did he know that this is my room?

Thirdly, what if my bed is beside the window?
Such a big packet can kill me!

London 071

Things are normal in my room,
except an unknown packet is found on the floor near the window.

London 070

8:00am on 12th August 06,
I was woken up by a sudden loud sound.

London 069

Meeting with Steve Henry who has started at TBWA finally,
is postponed again, to september.
I've been waiting for 4 months already,
there is no difference for another month.
Sigh...it makes me feel like a VUP, very unimportant person!

MSN Conversation with Spencer,
he was the ECD when I was in Ogilvy Hong Kong.
(He claimed to fire me when he saw this portrait of him that I made,
for not qualifying to be an art director.
haha...my dear Spencer, this is the reality, nothing to do with art direction.)


London 068

In western culture, I think they are more generous to praise
and encourage others, they show their appreciation more easily.
That's why I don't dare to be too optimistic.
They said they may find me some projects or
freelance jobs to work on if suitable. Hope so!

I treasure honest comment more now,
I would rather know what am I lacking of.
I wonder how to convince people that I'm a good creative,
I'm more than an illustrator , I'm not a wanna-be-artist!

London 067

Head of Art, such a title isn't commonly found in Hong Kong,
I don't know what he actually does even after meeting up with him.

London 066

At the end, Richard suggests me to call Mark to make an appointment,
he is the Head of Art.

London 065

Juan then calls Richard, Executive Creative director,
to come to see my book. Same same,
he seems to be entertained by my work, he seems appreciates it.
However, there is one thing that I don't understand, why are we stuffed in the corner inside such a big room with such a big table?

London 064

He said if I push further, some of my personal projects are arts.
I randomly say something to response.
To be honest, I've done even more work in advertising,
most are just so crap that I don't want to show him all.

London 063

Juan said he doesn't know what to say after seeing my book.
He said it's culture shock.
He put his hands on head with a sigh, he looks really shocked.
He asked whether I find the big difference between my work and theirs.

Of course! There are mostly one-off jobs in the assembly line method
we use in Hong Kong agencies. Everyone is in such a hurry that they
have no time for concept or brand building.
The only thing you can do is to deliver the promotion message with
some eye-catching executions.
Also, The criteria to choose work to be put in my book,
not because they are big campaigns from big clients, they are just work I like most.

He talks a lot, but I can't understand all. I hear something like
"... to protect you from the world ... keep you fresh ... better not to give you job ... "

London 062

Wow! Handsome guy!!

London 061

Pilgrimage 5