London 199

London 200

The meeting goes so well.
I join them for a drink to relax as it's friday night.

Why don't they sit down?
I find a even longer distance from them.
It's suffocating, especially at my level, hope no one fart here!

London 198

After umpteen review meetings both internally and with the client,
we're in the final stage - to show our work to the big client.


London 197

I'd prefer to be the worst in a brilliant team rather
than being a frog under a small well over-estimating itself.

rabbit, "Thick-skinned!'

London 196

The kind side of me:
"It's very difficult to work in another country.
You've tried your very best already!"

The harsh side of me:

London 195

To be honest, I feel dumb (deaf and dumb)in office everyday.
People change topics by the time when I barely manage to
understand what they are talking about.
I'm not silent (as they always say), I'm just slow!

London 194

Sigh ... or I'm unable to help?

London 193

Is this related to Ian's background in graphic design?
He usually finished everything from idea to artwork by himself.
In agency, finishing a TVC involves so many people,
everyone gives different input at different stages.
I don't think anyone can take all the credit.

London 192

I have a clearer picture on this Yakult campaign now.
I finally understand that we have to develop some storyboards
before sending to research. However, I don't understand why
Ian can tell which idea is by whom.
Aren't they team work?


London 191

This conversation with Michael means a lot to me!
I think I've found the answer to the problem which
has been troubling me for some years;
knowing even the top creatives in the world are
facing similar problems, I understand that
the answer is THERE IS NO ANSWER!

I decide to keep moving forward.
Do whatever I enjoy. Be happy! No worries!!

London 190

There is an internal review meeting right after our chat.
Michael talks cheerfully and humorously as usual...
it's so worrying!


London 189

When you don't know what to say, sing!
To express feelings, music is always better than words.
(I just imagine this singing scene.
of course Michael doesn't sing in Cantonese
while I don't have a man's voice.
Credit: This is a song by Beyond.
I listened to this song a lot when I was 10.)

Sitting on street on my own,
a cold wind blowing awakes me.
I'm with my shadow but nobody.

I just hope to hold my guitar tight to pour my heart out.
it brings back memories...

There is an urge to explore.
Throw away the reality without worries.
I seem to have everything around me.
I seem to have built a thick wall around me, separating from others.

London 187

London 188

London 186

London 185

The above is our conversation.
That's weird! Every question from Michael
makes me feel that he penetrates deep into my mind.