London 160

Aren't we going to make a book???
Michael has chosen some scripts, storyboards and prints...
I don't understand how to make a book with them.
Ian answers me that to make a book is just a
trick of getting more good ideas,
there won't be a book made at the end.

Taking Michael's advice,
we continue to work till 10pm tonight.
I've made such a layout.
Ian asked me strictly whether I know that there shouldn't
be more than 8 words in one sentence in English,
otherwise, it's difficult to read.
Oh, it's not a problem for Chinese words as they are square-shaped.

London 159

Internal Review

This time Michael uses post-it to stick on the
ideas, visuals or scripts which he finds it interesting.
He then gives some comments and his thoughts so that
we can continue to explore more and
to prepare for the meeting with client tomorrow.

London 158

Ian, Barbara, Sophie and I continue to work independently.
We gather and share our ideas from time to time.

London 157

The seat which I've been occupying belongs to Marc.
I don't realize that I have to return him the seat until
the end of the day.
That's why he hangs around with his laptop in office.
I'm worried! He can kill me with one hand...


London 156

Steve says he really wants to finish reading the two books
that I've published. I suggest to leave him the books,
I can pick them up anytime when he has finished them.

After struggling with me for a while, he makes the decision.
He suggests me to go there after I've finished at W+K.
Then he will return me the books when I work there.
So I need to meet Helen who is the creative director responsible for placement.

( I tell him I'm on placement at W+K. At that time,
I still can't tell the difference between freelance and placement ...
anyway, I care the experience more.)

London 154

Having been waiting for four months,
I meet Steve Henry eventually!

London 155

No wonder he is so STRONG at language,
he studied English Literature at Oxford University!
I can feel that he is genuinely amazed by my work.

London 153

Pilgrimage 6

London 152

Michael tells me that he feels tired already as he wakes up at 6:00
this morning to write script for Honda. He enjoys it.
He suggests that we don't need to stay at office, we can work anywhere.

London 151

After we get off from the bus, we walk to office.
This route is much shorter than the one i usually take.
See, following a good creative director can often avoid the wrong routes.

London 150

I bump into Michael on my way to work,
dead air...

London 149

Brainstorming, drawing and writing...
I enjoy using simple pictures and writings to
tell the stories behind Yakult which are in
a written document prepared by planner Simon.

London 148

What? The new brief is to make a book.
I believe that we need TV and prints at the end...
Anyway, I'm very excited as I love books very much!
Also, there are many interesting stories behind Yakult,
both the product and the company, together with the simple graphics,
I can imagine that we can make a very attractive Yakult picture book.
My friend gave me a book on poo which uses a very interesting way
to introduce poo and digestive system.
Oh! It would be great if I could make a nice book for Yakult!!

London 147


London 146

I come to Scotland for this exhibition.
It's absolutely worth it, it's stunning!!
Everybody gets so close to study the hair, the pore
and the texture ... wondering how can he made it so real?
Actually I wonder why we never study and appreciate
our own bodies so seriously
(they can even carry all those functions!) Thank God!!

London 145

Ron Mueck

London 144

I fall asleep while I'm waiting for my hair to dry.
The russian guy next to my bed said to me after peeping at my drawings
"many chinese, art, shit, you, artist, good composition, good lines, talented..."
He is that kind of ARTIST making portrait for tourists in Piccadilly Circus. Hmmmm...

London 143

I'm having dinner in the bar of St. Christopher's Inns
which is the hostel I stay.
The shower is too high, well, should be I'm too short.
When hot water reach my height,
half of the divergent water line are lost.

London 142

You can admire the historic buildings up on the mountain,
while listening to the music which is the theme song
of the Junior Police Call in Hong Kong all along the street.

London 141

There are many exhibitions during the Edinburgh Festival.
This one isn't as good as I expected,
the painting shown in the poster is already the best.
I'm more impressed by the victorian toilet of this gallery.
I admire the scenery while shitting, nice!!

London 140

( I did this on the train, for more work from this project)

I'm given a day off suddenly,
I bought the train ticket in the evening and
head to Edinburgh the next morning.
They are on business trip (work) , I feel lucky (holiday)!!

London 139

I guess even Michael has no idea on what's next.
It isn't easy being a creative director!
Michael suggests me to take one day off.
Ha! It's free being a freelancer!!

London 138

There is nothing we can do before the new brief is ready.
I feel so bored.
Why are there always nobody in this office?

London 137

To me, I just imagine myself as an ordinary housewife.
I'd be happy to watch a TVC which makes me smile and
thus like the brand a bit more ... consumers should
always be the one receiving messages from advertising.

London 136

Client doesn't feel comfortable with the work we present.
The look and feel is too far away from the existing one.
Marketing has never been a simple subject.
I understand there should be a lot more for him to have in mind.

London 135

London 134


London 133

London 132

I like joining meetings!
You can feel what the clients think about the ideas presented first-hand
and what's more, it's always fun to observe the people...

London 131

Actually, they're more like housewives chit-chatting.

London 130

Creative Director & Intelligence Agent