London 183

Michael and I are arranged a meeting by PA Louise a few days later.
When I see Michael coming with a cup of tea and an orange
( provisions for a long journey? ), I feel like choosing another topic
which should give us something to talk about.

It has been a real struggle for me for years.
I'm trying to look for an answer in this trip!

London 184

This is how I start a talk with Michael about LIFE...


London 182

Since I've moved to another seat, I can only see Michael in meetings.

To arrange a time by Louise, so serious?
I just wonder how long will it take to finish this Yakult project.
I'd like to know whether it is possible for me to go to TBWA in Decemeber...

London 181

Telephone conversation between Helen from TBWA and me.

That's weird! Helen calls suggesting me to go for a placement,
however, she seems to try to find me endless reasons not to go ...

I don't care! I just want to see God!

London 180

Fund raisers run 7KM in gorilla suits.
I like this team most, they dress as police gorilla chasing after robber gorilla.

London 179

John, Grace and I have much fun watching the great gorilla run.

"Steve Henry is God of Advertising."
John Weston was a creative director at Ogilvy Hong Kong.
He has been following my adventure in London.

Grace is his younger daughter, very cute!


London 178

I did have done the TOUGH poo in one of the basement loos.
oh shit, should I be responsible?
I try my best not to look guilty when i'm reading this email.

Rabbit: That guy always looks in our direction.
Gwen: I've noticed this since the first day I moved to this seat.

London 177

A few days later, this email is sent to everyone in the office.

London 176

> Done ... finally!
> Oh no, how long has he been waiting outside?
> I haven't seen this guy before, hope he doesn't work here!
Hope he won't be suffocated in the bad smell!
I've better to leave asap in order not to be recognized by him!!

London 175

I just worked on a storyboard about differences between
probiotic (Yakult) and antibiotic last night.
I'm experiencing it now.
The antibiotic that i'm taking for a gum infection
makes me suffer from constipation.
It's so tough! I suddenly realize that mothers' love is
the greatest love of all. I can't imagine if it is a baby...


London 174

Oh, even he is leaving...
I'll work alone on this floor tonight.

London 173

Tonight is the private view of project W10K.
The basement is so crowded!
Excuse me! All I want is just a cake.

London 172

There is argument finally, which makes this a more normal office!
I find people here at W+K respecting each other as if the other
were a guest. I always think it is difficult to be so polite
especially to people you see everyday.

Barbara is worried. Ian wants to go home.
I agree with Ian that to sketch out the ideas is fine.
However, it's cruel to ignore Barbara.
I decide to stay to execute the ideas for her on computer.
I have nowhere to go anyway...

London 171

Sophie's on holiday.
I, Ian and Barbara try to think Yakult in motion.

London 170

Clients have chosen some visuals and thoughts in last meeting.
There is still no conclusion on the areas of 'what to say'.
In the debrief meeting, Michael suggests us to keep working
on the areas that we strongly like. Also we may start to think
animation and story board the ideas, not just static illustrations.

Talking bubble: It's time to move!


London 169

He reminds me of that nosy man whom I met in tesco.
( click here to check how nosy that man was )
However, because he is Tony Davidson,
behaving in a similar way makes him friendly, caring and lovely.

London 168

I ask for his reason to come to the dentist's.
He gives a big smile to show me the braces.
I always think only kids wear braces.
But i don't dare to ask him about this.

London 167

My hair haven't been tidied up. My gum is still bleeding.
When I come out from the dental check,
I see a familiar face at the reception.
Is he Bert? ... no no
I saw a D&AD folder on his legs...
oh... he's Tony Davidson.

London 166

I call to make an appointment in early morning.
I'm lucky enough to get the appointment in the same morning.
The dentist doesn't wear a mask,
isn't he afraid of bad breath from the patients?

London 165

This meeting goes well.
Clients seems to feel comfortable with the work this time.
I don't feel comfortable ...
my wisdom tooth hurts, for almost a week already.
Michael finds me the contact of a trustworthy dentist.

London 164

As what Michael always says,
meeting with clients at W+K is more like sharing.
That's true. All of us work in a team,
anyone can speak anytime to give input into the project.

Procedures of meetings I usually had at agencies in Hong Kong...
Lead-in by Client servicing people > Preamble by Creative Director > Selling concepts by copywriter and art director > Q&A session to address clients' concerns

It's more like a show,
every person has his own position and role.

London 163

English was just like a subject to me. Similar to Mathematics,
I never knew how to apply Integration or Differentiation to daily life.
To be honest, I'm nervous to speak in english
in front of so many native speakers of English.

London 162

Helen seems to be interested in how I knew Steve Henry only,
not anything else...

London 161

When I'm waiting at the reception,
someone talks to me suddenly...

Then Steve Henry passes by.