London 332

Started with the Yakult X'mas lunch,
I have a happy and peaceful Christmas in London this year!

London 331

Ian wonders whether Michael always plays his music to guests.
Michael says it's the first time.
It's my honor!

What a special christmas!

London 330

I can't believe that I've met someone who is so super!
Ian is too generous.
Michael doesn't mind to be put on a par.
We exchange a contented smile!

London 329

While listening to Michael's music,
I feel like being taken to another world which I've never been to.
I don't really know how to describe this ... I'm charmed.

London 328

It's Michael's music!
He said he is a one man band.
He made the music all by himself. wow!
These CDs look so thin and light,
I'm sure they're heavy with this CD's (Michael) years of painstaking effort, thoughts and feelings.

London 327

What music is this?

London 326

The Hackney neighbors, Ian and I, stay.
After saying " It's great to have friends around!",
Michael clear the table and then does the washing quietly.

Two lazybones watch creative director doing housework
with no intention to help.

London 325

We've been eating non-stop from 1p.m. to 7p.m.
Everyone is so satisfied.
Some of the team have already left on full stomach.
Wow! Penny, Ian and Michael are still eating and chatting.

London 324

It seems that we'll never be able to finish all the food on the table.
It seems that they'll never run out of conversation too.
Someone suggests Michael to play his guitar
and sing us christmas songs,
he gives a shy smile to refuse.

London 323