London 219

Agency people usually see things through magnifying glasses.
We spend our time and effort on details which only
agency people care, shall the photo be brighter or darker,
shall the typeface be bold or thin,
well, others don't really care.

Sometimes, we almost forget the most important things,
what's the message?
Are we delivering it clearly in an interesting way?
Going to focus group gives you a clear head.
After all, advertising is for consumers!

However, creativity is new idea which is usually
not easy to be accepted immediately.
If Mendel, father of modern genetics,
put the result of his study on pea plants to focus group,
the score must be disappointing.

Therefore, research result shouldn't be the result.
It's just a reference.


London 218

You can see life through focus group!
There are always some people who sound like
expert giving too many suggestions.

London 217

Many creatives in Hong Kong hate focus groups.
I often volunteered to go.
Human are always fun to watch!
We observe the discussion from behind a one-way mirror.
Participants cannot see out, but we can see in.
I like it sneaky!

London 216

Account team and clients are all here already.
Cool! We have sushi for dinner!
Oh, they all know how to use chopsticks.

London 215

We take a long journey to sneak in the focus group after work.


London 214

I still can't believe that I can be so close
and chat with such an advertising giant!
I'm not nervous at all as he is so friendly as
an uncle who has been living next door since the day I was born.

It's really close... so close that reminds me
about a very important thing to do when I get home...

London 213

London 212

He asks whether I'm planning to get a full-time job or
to freelance at different agencies.

London 211

He says that I bring everything from life into my work,
which he always tells his people how a creative should be.

London 210

I show him my advertising portfolio briefly as
I don't think commercials can excite him, at least not mine.

Wow! JOHN HEGARTY says one of my drawings
looks a bit like DAVID HOCKNEY's!!( this drawing )
He then comforts me. He may think that I'm upset,
well, I'm just thinking whether it's David Hockney or David Shirgley.

London 209

I heard from him 3 months ago,
he probably can't recall how he knew me.
When I tell him that I'm from Hong Kong
and freelancing at W+K at the moment...

He seems to be more excited than my father!

London 208

Oh no... Is this an advertising agency or airport?
This office is same as their TVCs,
to conclude, one word - BIG!

London 207

The appointment is at 8:45am.
I wonder why even a Chairman has to go to office so early

London 206

Pilgrimage 7


London 205

I did some voice-overs in Hong Kong.
Once the client requested to change script,
those newly recorded words can fit into the whole old sentence perfectly.
See, I have a flat tone of voice, that's what people like.
They like to use me because I'm not professional. Weird!

Here are some samples of TVCs,
I was just the voice over talent,
not creative for these work:

1.Fanta Orange
This is a TVC from Japan, Ogilvy Hong Kong did the adaptation only.
I did the voice for the school boy.

2. Fanta Lactic

Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Director: Chan Man Chung

3. Scotts
Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Director: Chan Man Chung
The mum's voice isn't mine!

4. Mass Transit Railway
Agency: DDB Hong Kong
Director: Rick Chui
I did both panda and robot's voices.

London 204

I even don't know how to pronounce some words in the scripts.
Deliver, tone, pacing...
just forget about them! I'm unable to comment!

*Yakult VO talent - Edward Enfield

London 203

I'm excited!
I get the chance to go to a recording studio here!
I get the chance to meet the Yakult Voice Over Old Boy!
I get the chance to see how Michael guides VO talent to give the right deliveries.

London 202

Prepare materials for research 2
We're going to record the narrative tomorrow.
Poor Sophie, she is still struggling with some scripts...
I wish I could help.

London 201

Prepare materials for research 1
After fine-tuning the storyboards, Ian and I transfer the files to the server.
Each frame is then mount on foam board with studio's help.