London 068

In western culture, I think they are more generous to praise
and encourage others, they show their appreciation more easily.
That's why I don't dare to be too optimistic.
They said they may find me some projects or
freelance jobs to work on if suitable. Hope so!

I treasure honest comment more now,
I would rather know what am I lacking of.
I wonder how to convince people that I'm a good creative,
I'm more than an illustrator , I'm not a wanna-be-artist!


Cam Beck said...

Keep up the search! Your blog and positive attitude are very refreshing!

Benk said...

This is an amazing blog Gwen. I'm sure a great CD is just twiddling his thumbs waiting for someone of your unique talents to walk into his/her office. Keep at it!

Benk said...

Or her door for that matter!

jimbo said...

Love your blog, gwen.

Keep fighting the good fight, and hope you get a job at a great agency.

TwitchyAcorn said...

Hi Gwen-
Looking for work can me such a fruitless soul destroying exercise at times. It's so nice to see you make something cute,beautiful and creative out of it and in turn share that with everyone.

Jessica said...

Hi Gwen, I love your work and blog. I wonder though- I thought I might add some thoughts, hopefully not out of line. I'm a designer so reading your blog I tried to imagine you coming to me with what I imagine from your postings your portfolio looks like. It seems like you highlight your personal illustration and downplay your advertising experience. and have to admit I might respond like some of your interviewers.
I think your interviewers may even think they are doing you a favor- like go pursue illustration. I think you could do quite well. I think you may need to rethink your portfolio. In the end, your portfolio should be getting you the job you want not reaffirming your talent as an illustrator.
Like for example, my portfolio used to be pieces I thought were the nicest but I have learned that it should be more closely linked to practical solutions. For example, if you want to get an advertising job, I think your website could be all in your style but needs to have advertising examples- even if maybe they are not your strongest. It shows you have been through the process and that you have some understanding how things work. and that u really want the specific job not just any job.

I hope this helps and good luck!

xiaohan said...

I absolutely love your blog! I just read the whole thing from the beginning, as a designer I can definitely relate to your experiences and I even laughed out loud a few times.

Hope you find the dream job, I'll send you some my luck from here down under!

Amelia said...

This is an incredible blog - really draws you into your search. Have you looked at some of the smaller agencies like Albion, Karmarama? Sometimes smaller places are more open to different types of creative talents. Good luck!

gwen said...

Thanks thanks thanks!!!
Thanks for all the advices.
I've added link to my advertising portfolio on this blog, feeling completely naked in front of many people now!

No matter what, hope you enjoy the story. I'll keep drawing. It'll be my experiences in W+K next.

Liz said...

I love your blog, some lovely observations on agency folk. And your story and illustrations are really charming. Hope you get the job you deserve.

NYCA said...

Gwen... come work with us in San Diego. You are an original!

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Adam said...

Good luck to you, Gwen.

I think you're brilliant!

You've inspired me to go and find my place in this world.

So, thank you.


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