London 348

I was told by different people that Amsterdam was the real creative city
since my first job in advertising. After knowing Kesselskramer,
I was more certain that it must be an interesting place.
If I'm as unusual as they said, I want to try such a place with more possibilities.

London 347

It almost made me cry, it's so touching!
Can you imagine an art director can spend the time and effort
to write such a long email to encourage another art director from another country?

London 346

Two days later, I got Nick's email.

London 346

Simon advised me to send my drawings of creative directors to more
creative directors in order to get the chance to show my book.
He even writes out a draft for me on the spot.

I believe that there must be places more suitable for me.
Amsterdam... I want to try.

London 345

Simon and Nick gave me lots of good advice.
I manage to move forward now!
I really appreciate all the help!!

London 344

" It's lonely to be invincible! " - John Hegarty

(*It was 12p.m., almost lunch time )

London 343

On the way to Simon and Nick's room,
Simon said in low voice " John Hegarty "
John seems to be deep in mediation.

London 342

Oh, my rabbit t-shirt, he must be Simon!
I feel shy when I see someone wearing my design.
I'm not narcissistic enough.

London 341

As a visitor, I'm given such a warm help,
it's like back to home.


London 340

After seeing Gemma, I asked for help from Simon on my portfolio.
Simon was the blogger behind Scamp and a creative at BBH.

London 339

I tried to forget my work experience in Hong Kong.
I didn't mind to be treated as placement in London.

I remember when I was new to this industry, I just gave all my effort and time. As a result, I took most.
When one gains more experiences, ego boosts so much that one has less place for new knowledge.
Therefore, I like this "green" me more!

London 338

Headhunter Gemma read my blog,
she did remember which creative directors I saw.
She then asked me about my work experiences in Hong Kong in detail.

London 337

London 336

The first step is to update my portfolio.
oh, no, I left Wieden in such a hurry that I didn't take the Yakult files.
Ian couldn't see the computer I used in the office anymore.
He sent me some bits and pieces of the old files I did in his computer.
I'm an idiot!

London 334

Everyone except me goes to work after the holidays.

London 335

With lots of encouragement from over the world,
I'm able to keep on going now!

London 333