London 252

Penny boxes the dummies for client.
My little ones, take care! Grow into real lovely Christmas cards!

London 251

Although this is just a little christmas card design job,
I'm nervous to present the idea to clients.
Sophie, Ian, Simon, Penny... help!


London 250

I believe that everyone is given certain talent.
Some may find a balance to fit in the society while
some may devote all his life to push the gift given.

London 249

The concept of " to be an all-rounded creative who can
handle all kinds of brands and styles!" has been instilled
into me since I've joined this industry.

I've been putting all my effort and time on
learning and overcoming what I'm not good at.
No matter how hard you worked, people kept pointing out your weaknesses.
Gradually, even yourself forget about what you like and what you are good at.

London 248

I understand something now!!

London 247

(in a wishper)
Rabbit: Westerner's polite remarks!
Gwen: I trust him!