London 056

They advised me not to try those big companies,
those we call 4As in Hong Kong,
those where I've always been working at.
I can imagine that they are more or less the same everywhere.
It's also so easy to see crap campaigns when you are watching tv,
reading newspaper or going into the street here.
However, I'm just curious.
No matter it's good or not, it's an experience to me.

I'm meeting kind people again.
I really appreciate their honest opinion.
But I feel even more uneasy now... 'UNUSUAL'...

It's not bad to know how others see you,
to make a self-examination then.
You'd end up being the one knowing yourself most!!


Anonymous said...

"No matter it's good or not, it's an experience" The process is the most important.

Irene said...

You have been through so many critical situation and still survival. I believe it’s good enough. As the anonymous said, it’s an experience. And the experience is not many people may have.
You are a strong and nice girl, be good and be tough. ^^
Looking forward to know more about your adventure in London.

gwen said...

hi anonymous,
"No matter it's good or not, it's an experience" Enjoying every moment in the process is the most important.

hi irene,
thx! it's nice to have you sharing the experiences here with me!