London 032

Instead of asking such a stupid question,
I should make better use of this chance.
However, I really wanted to know that as
I've got the feeling of affinity.
Bike? my Big Brother B ( Name of a creative director in
Hong Kong, I was in his team) drives Posche.
At the end, Michael asked whether I'd be interested in
an interesting project for Yakult in August.
Sure! Yakult, I grow up with it. Even now, I like to punch
a very small hole in the foil lid with a toothpick,
suck Yakult slowly while watching TV on the sofa.
And what's more, I really like this grassroot creative director.


洪雄熊 said...

welcome Gwen, good to see you on the net again. I've just linked your new blog to my site, keep in touch!

BTW, I've open a new blog in sinahk. pls update your bookmark

rattln along said...


I have been entertained by your honest approach to detailing your journey in a foreign country. I would like to offer you my American English to review any writings that you would like to have corrected. Please visit my blog and leave a message for me and I will return here to instruct you on a way to contact me.

Have a great week!!