London 026

I arrive too early again.
Shit in the toilet in a cafe nearby.
Nonsense! The hook is so high (or am I too short?).
Holding the heavy bag, I need to keep the pose to get it done.
It's so dirty, as scary as the one in Trainspotting, to sit on it.


larry said...

ha ha ha!! you are such a imaginative gal! i truly enjoy your thoughts and your illustrations!
i am from singapore.

gwen said...

Thanks! Nice to meet you Larry. I'll keep going.

nitom said...

hi gwen, this is nitom from TBWA\Shanghai...I visited your site by accident. Absolute funny! I often can't stop laughing when i saw humourous expression you created via blog.

come on, wish you have exciting working & living experience in London.

: )

nitom said...

my email is: nitom.sen -at- gmail.com

my msn is: nitomcn -at- msn.com

hope we can chat when we are available : )