London 205

I did some voice-overs in Hong Kong.
Once the client requested to change script,
those newly recorded words can fit into the whole old sentence perfectly.
See, I have a flat tone of voice, that's what people like.
They like to use me because I'm not professional. Weird!

Here are some samples of TVCs,
I was just the voice over talent,
not creative for these work:

1.Fanta Orange
This is a TVC from Japan, Ogilvy Hong Kong did the adaptation only.
I did the voice for the school boy.

2. Fanta Lactic

Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Director: Chan Man Chung

3. Scotts
Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Director: Chan Man Chung
The mum's voice isn't mine!

4. Mass Transit Railway
Agency: DDB Hong Kong
Director: Rick Chui
I did both panda and robot's voices.


JU said...

Hi Gwen,

I'm joana, I'm a graphic designer. I live in Portugal and I'm preparing myself to go to London in September.
I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog absolutely marvelous.
It's very stimulating for me. The evolution and the problems you find in every day working, the problem with the language...

"Living in London" is also great. And I love your drawings!

gwen said...

Hi Joana,

I'm very happy to know that people from other countries which I have never been to are sharing my experiences from this blog. It's amazing, isn't it?

Good luck to your trip to London!