London 219

Agency people usually see things through magnifying glasses.
We spend our time and effort on details which only
agency people care, shall the photo be brighter or darker,
shall the typeface be bold or thin,
well, others don't really care.

Sometimes, we almost forget the most important things,
what's the message?
Are we delivering it clearly in an interesting way?
Going to focus group gives you a clear head.
After all, advertising is for consumers!

However, creativity is new idea which is usually
not easy to be accepted immediately.
If Mendel, father of modern genetics,
put the result of his study on pea plants to focus group,
the score must be disappointing.

Therefore, research result shouldn't be the result.
It's just a reference.


Greg said...

Just read you're blog from arrival to present day (have time on my hands). Thought it was brilliant and made me laugh a lot (not the nasty landlord though)!

melanie said...

A friend of mine send me ur blog. Indeed, it's worthy to read ur story and the absolutely fantastice comic. I'm sure it taken a lot of your time to put them together. Proud of you. All the best & God bless you xxx