London 197

I'd prefer to be the worst in a brilliant team rather
than being a frog under a small well over-estimating itself.

rabbit, "Thick-skinned!'


anoo said...


habit47 said...

gwen your blog rocks! hemant told me about it and I cannot get enough!

Anonymous said...

i'm not work in advertising, i may not fully understand what you worry. but i hope you can recover soon. I hv read your blog for half yr, i admire your drawing and comical skill. your positive and Q thinking also make me happy.

Don't be upset for don't like your production, it just show you may hv a new idea overtake the old one, or your criterion is improved again.

I belive that live is for take difference experience and memories. We should enjoy and happy to live. don't think too much, problem is not much serious, take it easy.....

Moon / HK

Nuno Coelho said...

:) i think exacly the same.

gwen said...


Moon, you're right!