London 189

When you don't know what to say, sing!
To express feelings, music is always better than words.
(I just imagine this singing scene.
of course Michael doesn't sing in Cantonese
while I don't have a man's voice.
Credit: This is a song by Beyond.
I listened to this song a lot when I was 10.)

Sitting on street on my own,
a cold wind blowing awakes me.
I'm with my shadow but nobody.

I just hope to hold my guitar tight to pour my heart out.
it brings back memories...

There is an urge to explore.
Throw away the reality without worries.
I seem to have everything around me.
I seem to have built a thick wall around me, separating from others.


牛步千里 said...


you are genius!!!

Jade said...

who's the singer...? please email me if you have time jadetomlin@gmail.com, what a great experience you've had/

Hamoyen said...

i love it! haahaa