London 125

I return home to sleep after working overnight.
What an unforgettable birthday!


onewomanrunning said...

Happy Birthday!

Kungfujen said...

Happy birthday Gwen! I am enjoying reading your blog and like your drawings very much.

Raj Dutta said...

hey madwoman! this is raj - remember that typewriter sitting opposite you in your previous office? just discovered your blog - shocked to see you're back in this dirty business. am i supposed to say 'congrats' on your new job? :-D

I'm still with ogilvyone, sometime hong kong and sometimes singapore. both are equally boring - or maybe this profession has become boring?

Aasheesh said...

Hi Gwen Yip,

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Came to your blog through W+K's blog link. Interesting & innocent sketches, i really liked them.


fan said...

hi there, i visited your blog by chance, i like it.
i initially wanted to drop a line to you but didn't find your email address. so i leave messages here, i'm a creative from china, and now work in paris, so we have a little same background and same experience,:)i'd love to talk to you further, you can call me up or simply send email.
mobile: 0033.610.489245

l&g said...

Hey Raj, you think the ads job is boring?
i was actually contemplating switching to ads environment from interior design scene, madness on my part? larry from singapore.

nitom said...

Gwen, Happy Birthday!

I introduced your blog to many creative people in our shanghai office. They all enjoy your funny illustration~