London 388

I'm not allowed to draw John ...
so I'm writing the result of our meeting.
- To my surprised, he said my English is good, I feel less pressure to speak English in Amsterdam than in London.

- When he's seeing my work, he said he worked in design, he loved to make everything by himself too.
He said " You're the kind of art director we want."
I want to say " You're the kind of ECD I want. "

- When he has seen all my work, he showed me some of their work too. Same as W+K London, they like to make books for presentations too.
He said "Yes! We love books!"
I want to say "Yes! I love books too!"
Before leaving Hong Kong, I've collected 13 big boxes of art books in the office.

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danRyan said...

Hi, I like your blog. I was working holiday in NZ. I like to work in foreign country as well. More relax, more happy and living simple.