London 339

I tried to forget my work experience in Hong Kong.
I didn't mind to be treated as placement in London.

I remember when I was new to this industry, I just gave all my effort and time. As a result, I took most.
When one gains more experiences, ego boosts so much that one has less place for new knowledge.
Therefore, I like this "green" me more!

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Z said...

Hi Gwen,
Not sure if you remember me - I left a note here before I arrived in London on the same visa.

Reached about 1 month ago and am having trouble with the job hunt too...

I have another friend who peservered for 6 months while taking on a job as a telemarketer, and now he's got a perm job! The company is getting him a work permit! There's hope..

Jia you! (Add oil!)

If you happen to need a Singaporean friend who knows a FEW Cantonese words, you know who to contact! :)

Spring is here!

- Z.