This story is to be continued.
I'm not going to put any new drawings here until ...
Thank you so much for being with me sharing my experiences.
I'm not alone, I know.

This is a song by Cheer Chan. Hope you like it.

Love the time being lonely,
shouldn’t like it too much though.
No matter whether I’m in tube stations or art galleries,
loneliness is like sleep feeding me.

While sinking by the wayside,
I need music to warm myself.
Love the time being lonely,
shouldn’t like it too much though.


3 Column Grid said...

Wait... Does this mean we won't see anymore of your wonderful illustrations and experiences...? Gwen, don't leave us! You give hope to us creative types starting out in the industry!

Or is this just a segway into a more exciting project?

ksklein said...

so happy about a new post here. but it seems as if you are not feeling well. wish you the best.

leolapian said...

Hey, Gwen! Are you still in London? If yes, would you like out for a drink?


sweetgorchai said...

add oil ! add oil !

until ..... what ? when?
awaiting your creative drawings!

Gareth Procter said...

It was a great story! I will miss reading your posts - good luck with your future plans Gwen I'm sure evrything will work out fine : )

Alvan said...

NnnnnOOOOooooooooooo... i'm a big fan! waiting for u to return.

Jenny said...

gwen~ how are u?

Tristan said...

Gwen!! Nice to see your new drawing...awaiting your books.
It seems that you are not happy in the mean time...Take care...everything will be fine with the run of the time.
Pray for you!! Hope that one day you will wake up from the dark!!