London 156

Steve says he really wants to finish reading the two books
that I've published. I suggest to leave him the books,
I can pick them up anytime when he has finished them.

After struggling with me for a while, he makes the decision.
He suggests me to go there after I've finished at W+K.
Then he will return me the books when I work there.
So I need to meet Helen who is the creative director responsible for placement.

( I tell him I'm on placement at W+K. At that time,
I still can't tell the difference between freelance and placement ...
anyway, I care the experience more.)


牛步千里 said...

HaHaHa...your blog very interesting..

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Nuno Coelho said...

damn.. what a great story... i feel so encouraged by it... just because i also share so many things and feelings with you. i would also love to go and work in london, but im afraid to death to take that risk... and im still young :)

Congratulations though, ill read the blog everyday! :D

pandoracomplexa said...

it´s great to find someone you also likes to post every day a drawing...greetings from portugal..you are bookmarked..:-)

Nuno Coelho said...

hey i'm from portugal too!
too bad pandrora has its comments disabled for non Blogger users... :(